Top 10 Job Portals in India

1. Naukri

Naukri is the number one job portal in India. It has more job searches with number of opportunities. A job seeker can get excellent results in various categories. It also offers resume related services to job seekers through web based SMS alerts.

2. Monster India

Monster occupied second place in the job market with huge data base and with an objective to provide job opportunities to the job seekers.

3. Wisdom jobs

Wisdom jobs is a unique fourth generation job portal which came in to existence with more knowledge and more jobs. The unique features of wisdom jobs like Pragnya Meter and e-University has made it to stand 3rd place in the market. It offers various portals in 5 countries like Gulf, Malaysia, Singapore, India and others.

4. Times Jobs

Times jobs is another job portal in India designed to offer services to job seekers and employers. This site contains jobs posted by various employers and helps job seekers to find their dream job. It also offers an exclusive portal for jobs in Middle East.

5. Shine

Shine is a job portal established by Hindustan Times, which offers job opportunities to job seekers with unique features like salary benchmarking tool.

6. ClickJobs

Click jobs is another job portal which can make you to keep your information confidential if you want. Any potential employer can view your full profile and you will be directly contacted through email.


These job portals are only designed for freshers in India. The site designed with various features like Hot jobs, Govt/Technical jobs, Defense jobs, IT jobs, Careers, Company List and Interview tips.
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8. YuvaJobs is one of the top 10 leading job portals of Asia-Pacific. It is a job portal designed for frehsers and experienced job seekers and which allows employers to post their job postings.

9. Careerjet

Careerjet is a job search engine which allows user to search jobs of more than 10 thousand sites jobs at a place.

10. CareerAge

Career age another job portal which provides detailed information on various job portals to fresher as well as experienced job seekers.


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