Tips to help you ace your job interview

You can shine your job interview with a little more preparation, even if you have a less than a day to do so. The following tips will help you approach your job interview in a confident frame of mind.

tips to win your job interview

Conduct Basic Interview Research

To prepare for the interview call the person who scheduled your interview and ask:
● Who will you be talking to? Will you meet the manager you’d work for, or will you just talk to HR? What are the interviewer’s expectations?
● What’s the dress code? Dress better than suggested. Most times, it’s best to wear a professional suit. You’d be amazed how many candidates show up looking like they’re going to class, not presenting a professional demeanor.
● Ask directions to the office. Plan to reach early. If you arrive late and stressed, the interview will not go well.
● You can ask for the detailed job description if you don’t have it.

Learn About the Company Online

Search online about the company which will give you some information about the job description. Go through their website, or search the Web for additional information such as:

● About the company in terms of annual sales or employees. Information about the company’s products and services
● Latest updates about the company in terms of new product, a press release, an interview with the CEO etc.
● Know if the company is public, information at the bottom of its press releases will tell you a lot.

Get ready to answer typical interview questions

Prepare three stories of your achievement at work or school. These stories should highlight your qualities such as judgment, initiative, teamwork or leadership.

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