How to request for a promotion?



Getting promoted to higher level is the dream of every employee but only few of them get promoted to the next level in career development. Employers take many factors in to consideration while promoting a candidate and it takes lot of effort for an employee to get promoted. Inspite of putting lot of efforts and having long term association with the company, sometimes you might have to wait for longer time to get promotion. At this point of time requesting for a promotion is not a bad idea but can be a tricky issue. Below are some tips that might favor you in getting a job promotion:

  • List out your duties:At times you may face some situations where you take up lot of responsibilities and you will not get any recognition for the work you have done. List out those responsibilities, difficulties you faced while handling those responsibilities and the ways you adopted to overcome those problems. Remember that self initiation at work is always acknowledged, so take time and include all such responsibilities in the list.
  • List out the additional tasks you have taken up:You might have taken up additional tasks that might be or might not be related to your work. This shows that you are very much dedicated towards your work and you also have the capability to handle multiple tasks in the allotted time. Listing out these additional tasks will make your boss to build trust in you.
  • List out the added skills:As a part of your work, you might have learnt some new technologies that are required in the process. Mention all the training and professional courses you have taken to accomplish your tasks successfully. Any knowledge transfer or training to other team members should also be spoken about during the appraisal.
  • Speak to your boss:If you have been waiting for a long time for promotion, try to have a discussion with your boss by taking an appointment. Prepare yourself for the meeting, collect all your thoughts and get ready with your points. Be confident and present your case clearly by speaking in a positive tone.



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