How often do you upgrade your skills?

Are you at the same position without any developments in your career? Even for coming years and throughout life without any hopes? So, this is the right time to invest on your career and reskill your skills and try something different. Reskilling means updating your skills and improve them with updated versions. These things may not teach you in your college, learning institute and B schools. You can do reskilling in a way that you would actively learning new skills by joining in any further studies or higher education.

You should plan your career from the career beginning means from college. Joining some course to acquire job in that particular course is a career plan. But most of us were joining accidental in some other job to start their career with confusion to what to do in their career. If you joined somewhere and still facing the same challenge with your job then it mean that you need to develop your skills at a particular level or filed for years. It is important to plan your career as you wish.

Many y generation job seekers leaver their job if they are feel that is not right fit for them. It is a big challenge to be employable and attractive in the job market with updated skills and desires skillsets. Changing technologies and new dynamics in functionalities have made students to learn new technologies and learn new things.

A recent study on need of upgrading skills in employees have been revealed some interesting facts like nearly 57 per cent of the respondents said they would upgrade their skills for promotion prospects with the current employer, while 47 per cent said they would re-skill for advancement at another company and 42 per cent said they would re-skill to enter a new field of work. The most valued skill development is on the job experience (70 per cent), followed by continued education & training (58 per cent) and seminars/webinars (26 per cent).

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