Employee recruitment trends: Mobile recruitment

Employee recruitment trends: Mobile recruitment

Technology has changed the recruitment processes. Mobile recruitment is the latest trend in recruitment world as it has stretched its roots in the recruitment world itself. Traditional method enables a job seeker to sit and apply or jobs from their desktops. However, mobile recruitment is a fastest way of job search, identified to make the process of hiring easier for themselves, as well as for potential candidates.

On the outset, mobile recruiting was started in 2007 with the mobile penetration. In terms of volume, over 90% of jobseekers use mobile devices and over 70% of active job-seekers want to apply jobs via their mobile devices. Recent survey found that more than half of the candidates applied for the jobs in 2015 are via mobile devices.

This is why mobile recruitment is important:

More than half of the candidates prefer mobile recruiting
More users are from the category of millennial
Mobile is most penetrated method of job search
Mobile is an easiest platform to reach job seekers and create urgency through job alerts
Apply job on move
Here are the steps for effective mobile recruiting process:
Build a career portal which is mobile-friendly, design responsive & consistent in delivering user experience. Make ensure that it has quick loading capacity and sources from users must be directed to your mobile site.
Be active on social media to attract potential hires. Send campaign mails to build your talent pool. Get engage with the passive candidates for better results.
Conduct mobile interviewing for better results and provide instant feedbacks. Mobile candidates facilitate interviewing on the go, adding comfort to candidates on travel.
Advice your candidates to upload mobile friendly resumes and review through social networking sites. Enroll for an applicant tracking system to engage with the potential candidates.

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