Years of experience or scope of experience- What matters?

Years of experience or scope of experience- What matters?

What are matters, years of experience or the scope of the work? While hiring for mid-senior level positions you must see whether experience matter or scope of experience matter? This is the most debating issue globally while hiring for a mid-senior level position. But experts believe that experience is a sum of a number of factors time working, nature of role and responsibility and projects handled and lessons learnt. Recruiters are unable to make a decision solely on the basis of experience for the recruitment for a mid-senior position in a software role. Years of experience will definitely matter in developing one’s people skills, expertise and grooming overall development candidate with right skills, solid principals in object-oriented programming and industry knowledge will be much more capable in that role than a peer with more experience.

When it comes to hiring people for mid-senior positions, the scope of experience becomes more crucial than years of experience. When a person worked for a company for 8 to 10 years may be a very good manager but when it comes to mid-senior positions, mentoring, influencing and driving growth become far more important than just managing a firm or a company. It is important to hire a person with scope of experience rather than hiring a person with just experience to manage the employees but also motivate and drive their growth. Different people suitable to different roles as per the organization context:

► Transactional roles: Here focus will be on skills proficiency and ability to adapt to the organization’s work culture.

► SME roles: Here, strong technical skills and scope of experience are critical to draw on the potential hire’s body of knowledge and scope/quality of experience to address its own unique needs.

► Leadership roles: Here the ability to deal with volatility, uncertainty, change and ambiguity (VUCA), and the added responsibility of demonstrating apt leadership behaviours as a role model are pre-requisites.

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