Worst IT jobs for 2015

Worst IT jobs for 2015

Some of the entry level IT jobs offer loads of work and tons of responsibility and also offer less pay with more stress. All the above resulted in pushy developers and angry software customers, and never-ending work. We’ve listed the worst entry level jobs for the year 2015.

Data entry operator: Data entry technician job is repetitive and they need to be detail oriented. It is boring job with very low pay, but it has to get done. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports data entry technicians earned an average of $27,500 in 2014.

Help desk technician: As per the recent survey help d desk jobs are paid an average of $42,512 in 2013. If you want to enter the IT filed without any computer science degree then chose help desk jobs which offer low pay with more work. The help desk employees have to answer the calls of customers and solve the issues as quick as possible. That too it’s not a 9 to 5 job and it demands long working hours and late nights.

Data migration specialist: Data migration projects work on tight deadlines and conversion of data is overloaded with cost overruns, delays. This job is more stressful and if you want to move beyond data migration then salary will fluctuate depending upon the chosen work.

QA Tester: QA software testing is most important process in software development life cycle. Qa testers will work in background and not alike software developers. Part of the job they have to test the code of the product and it also test the patience of the coders who wrote it.

IT tech support: If you are looking for a IT tech support job then you need to know about server and desktop maintenance to installing desktop computers, laptops, printers, and all software. Long work hours with less pay are common by dealing with anxious and angry customers who have approached for software and hardware issues.

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