Workplace happiness QUIZZ: Are you happy with your job?


Most of us spent more time at workplace and it reflects our life. The happiness we get at workplace will reflects in our moods and show great impact on our daily lives. There was an old saying that a good job won’t make you happy but a bad job will make you unhappy. If we are happy at workplace we’ll continue the same and carryout the happiness at home. If we are sad and frustrated at workplace, we’ll carry same frustration to home. Most people quit their jobs because they are not happy work place and bringing them down at workplace. Our personal worries also connected with work and blame the work for the reasons of personal issues. We have designed a quiz to rate your satisfaction at work place and to find your happiness at work place. Observe the below statements and give rating as per the instructions. When you have finished the quiz add you r scores and check that how much you are satisfied at your career. Please follow below instructions by responding for each statement:
Always: Give 3 points for this answer
Some times: Give 2 points for this answer
Never : Give 1 point for this answer
See the below points and answer above questions and give rating accordingly:
1. You like the people with whom you work
2. You are being respected by your boss
3. You are being respected by your colleagues
4. You are the most important and great contributor to the team
5. You enjoy the work a lot
6. You feel that your work is more challenging but not risky
7. You feel happy to go to work every day
8. You feel that you have a good work environment
9. You believe that you have ample growth opportunities sin your job to climb professional ladder
10. You are encouraged to learn new skills relating to your job
11. Your work is more stressful but you are able to manage
Now count the points you have gained and see the results for your score from below:
If score is between 32-39 points: Congrats! You have got good score and you are satisfied with your job. You are getting all elements of a successful job like challenge, satisfaction, opportunity and respect.
If score is between 26-31 points: You have some disappointments at your work place and you need to improve yourself in some areas for which you answered never and sometimes. Improve your work relationships and take up new challenges to grow professionally at your workplace.
If score is between 20-25 points: You have answered more answers never. Have a look and workout on areas to improve the situations.
If score is between 13-19 points: You are completely down in your job with low level job happiness. Ask yourself that you are getting the elements of workplace like challenge, satisfaction, opportunity and respect to enjoy your job with more happiness.

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