Work from home gets popular with employees, but bosses still wary: Survey

Work from home gets popular with employees, but bosses still wary

The trend of working from home and flexibility work options is increasing, but managers are still doubtful about its benefits. Recent survey found that ,over 35% percent of employees mentioned that they are allowed to work from home at least twice a week and the same surveyed conducted in 2014 was mentioned that only 10 per cent employees had been allowed to work from home. But still some stigma attached to work form flexibility as the managers are still quite unsure about making it a norm.

Over 60 percent of employee’s mentioned that still bosses still not happy with the culture of working remotely. More than 60 per cent employees say household chores, interference from family members or children are the biggest interruption they face while working from home. On the flip side, 20 per cent of the surveyed employees say they feel more productive at office than at home. Interestingly, 42 per cent of the employees say they are productive no matter where they are working from – home or office. Experts suggest employers have to see work from home as a tool in employer branding to attract top talent and retain them for long term growth.

The survey mentioned that more than 35% bosses not encouraging work from home because of less face to face to-face interaction and synergy, which is crucial in critical roles, especially in product and technology. Mean while 29 percent employers feel that employees are less productive when they work from home. While 24 per cent felt there is a difficulty in staying connected and 16 per cent managers, attitudinal issues pose a big hurdle in allowing employees to work remotely. Over 32 percent employees mentioned that they have a proper employee tracking mechanism to track remote work policies.

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