WisdomJobs – Freedom Ride event in Hyderabad 2011












Wisdomjobs is participated in 64th Freedom Ride event in Hyderabad.

WisdomJobs – Freedom Ride event Photos in Hyderabad

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  1. iam hole supported by anna jee by physicaly morraly to finish corruption in india and we make peace full couruption free india because i know we will try so we will sucsses ill try to awake to maximum person to allert for couruption


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    i am supoort anna hazare

  3. full support to anna hajare for his fight against corrupted indians

  4. i with anna’s team and wherever they want my help i am always there to help.

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    Lakhs of Anna Hazares are required to remove corruption in this country.

  6. I also support anna Hazare, I am with u anna ji!!!!


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