Wisdom Jobs Corporate Social Responsibility: Beyond the Profit Motive


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is gaining a momentum in recent days. It is a cornerstone for any successful company to do something beyond their profits. Nowadays well established and upcoming companies also taking some initiatives and implementing CSR strategies to build a strong society with their remarkable steps. We at Wisdom Jobs also defined some core values to take a part in corporate social responsibility acts care, help and encourage and in all activities we do.

Many children in India are becoming illiterates due to some unfavorable conditions like financial conditions, uneducated parents, lack of schools, unfavorable financial conditions and unawareness about the importance of education. This illiteracy rate is more in rural areas as compare to urban areas. Most of the rural people are uneducated and they dont give importance to educate their children. Removing child labour may solve the issue at some extent by elimination of poverty, free education and strict implementation of the labor laws.

We are aware of the education importance for the society and do something for the poor children beyond our profile motive to improve the quality of life of the children. In the past days we have supported and initiated many social awareness programs like Anti Corruption, Freedom Ride Event and some other green initiatives. This time wisdom jobs has launched a direct CSR initiative called ÔÇ£Support a ChildÔÇØ to help poor and deprived children by facilitating education facilities. For this, well give Rs.1 for each social connection added to your social networking group through our Jobs Mate social networking app. Weve identified established NGOs who are connecting poor children to schools with great efforts and responsibilities. This entire amount collected at the end will be donated to those NGOs and spending on tuition fees, school books, school supplies and school uniforms of poor children under the supervision of wisdom jobs. This small initiation may enrich some childrens education and their future.


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