Wisdom Job’s 5P’s for a Job seeker’s Career Growth

 Job seekers Career Growth

Wisdom jobs is a unique 4th generation job portal came in to existence with more knowledge and more jobs. Wisdom jobs has created its impact on job world its unique products Pragnya meter and e-UniversityPragnya meter is a knowledge raring meter with a motto to rate a job seeker’s skills and presenting their technical ability to the prospective employer. E-University is a new trend in e-learning process with an instant access to over 6000 skillsets including 2000 interview questions and more than 5000 multiple choice questions.

Wisdom 5P’s concept gaining prominence in the market to gain more opportunities in job search.

1. Planning

Start your job search process with wisdomjobs.com
• Over 22 million resume data base in wisdomjobs.com
Get a job by grabbing the attention of more than 35000 recruiters
• Receive highly relevant job recommendations
• As a career builder to fulfill your dreams with suitable jobs

2. Practice

• Get certified with 6000+ skill sets
• Over 5 crore Multiple Choice questions
• Standout in the crowd with Pragnya score
• Grab the attention of over 35,000+ recruiters
• Get your resume handpicked by top companies
• Be a priority job seeker and win your dream job

3. Preparation

• More than 2 crore Interview questions
• Single click access for various skill sets
• Useful parameter for advanced information
• Enhance your job search with multiple skill sets
• Gain success in your interview with rigorous practice

4. Presentation

• Grab the attention of an employer
• Present your technical ability to prospect employer
• A Pragnya score accomplishment will help you in finding the right candidate
• Explore the best talent from the resumes presented to you with Pragnya meter score

5. Personality

• Get introduced to leading entrepreneur
• Enlighten your goals with successful entrepreneurs
• Ignite your spark with a success story
• Get motivated forever

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