Wisdom IT Services Nominated for the second round of Enterprise and IT Architecture Excellence Award for the year 2012

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The 1st round of evaluation for the Enterprise and IT Architecture Excellence Award for the year 2012 has just concluded. Lo and behold! We have made it through to the 2nd round of evaluation where we are pitted against –so to say– some of the pioneers of the industry, who have been making a mark at the international level through their innovations and excellence. Even as this blog is being written, a sense of achievement and immense pride pervades the air. A feeling of belonging is certainly making its presence felt, for to be nominated for evaluation in the second means our products will put to a sterner test than ever before, which in itself is a great deal more than just the award. Admittedly, this is just a nomination and not the declaration of the winner. But, what it means to us is that despite us being a start-up, and in the face of ever-changing requirements of the industries that we are catering to, we were able to make our small-little mark. This will act as the spur that will drive our ambition of becoming the industry leaders forward.

The team deserves a pat on the back for all its endeavors and workmanship, which have been top-notch. Definitely, the first frontier has been sailed through, and we shall now look forward to the results of 2nd round of evaluation with much enthusiasm. However, regardless of the result there, we should not, for a moment even, halt in our determination to be the best in everything we do, and gear up for more opportunities that will present themselves, of course with quite a few challenges nested within. As always, let us gun for innovation and excellence!



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