Willing to improve your managerial skills? Here are some tips for you

Willing to improve your managerial skillsManager is called as captain of the ship and his/her role in the company is very important. Managing a team is not an easy task for the manager and he/she should have certain leadership qualities so as to lead the organization successfully. A team’s performance depends on the behavior of a manager as how hardworking he/she is, kind of work he/she does and also the way they follow to finish the work. A good manager reflects his/her team and wins recognition from the company. Here are some of the good qualities that a manager should have to be proved as an ideal manager for an effective project management.

Have a clear vision: As a manager, if you want to be ideal, then you should have a clear vision and you should clearly share your vision with your team. As a manager, it’s your responsibility to see that the vision is implemented clearly. If your team understands your vision or goal clearly, then they can perform and finish their tasks on time. Team management let you help your team by clarifying their doubts and inspire them with your knowledge so that they can work to contribute to the product.


Be a mentor, not a boss: A good manager is the one who appreciates the team for their work. A manager will be more appreciated when they do what the team does. Always extend your support and make them feel that you are always there when your team needs you. Know each and every employee of your team and know what are their strengths and weaknesses, so that you can schedule the work accordingly and you can give them instructions on the same. Give them suggestions as and when needed and see that you are not making them stressful about work.

Manage efficiently: While being a mentor, see that your team is not taking you for granted. As a manager executing the project well and getting the work done is not enough, your team must be happy at the end of the day. Give them continuous, constructive feedback by appreciating them for their good work and also discuss the mistakes they have done. Guide them in a good way so that they will not repeat those mistakes in future.

Make the environment light: It is ultimately your team who is performing, so see that they are not getting tired of their work. Go out for team lunches, share some jokes and try to mingle with everyone in the team. Share a good rapport with the team by celebrating their birthdays and other occasions. This way your team will be happy, they will perform better and finally you will be happy.


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