Why did you resign your last job?


You are answering well for all the questions in an interview and it is the time to answer for the question why your resign for your last job did? You have to well prepare for this question to answer with a suitable reason and if possible with genuine reason for why you were resigned for your last job. Don’t change your face expressions while asking these questions and don’t show your anxiety in front of inetreveiwrs. Prepare a list of answers for the question why did you resign and pick the right one with brief discussion and the answer should satisfy the interviewers .If you are terminated or you quit in some unconditional reasons the you have to be confident and be prepare for the questions to be asked.
Relocation: You may tell the reason that your company is relocation to somewhere and it is far from your home. So you thought that you are willing to work from a nearby workplace, which matches with your qualifications and educational background. You can also tell that you are ready to spend extra hours on work if nessacary.
Passions on career: You may tell another reason that you are passionate to work in an organization like present you are attending interview and you got that opportunity exactly matching your profile so that you are decided to resign your job.
Personal reasons: Some personal issues at home or family may cause to resign the job. So you are resigned for the job to stay at home. This is also a valid resign for the question. Now situations got settled and you are searching for a job with your existing experience and academic qualifications. You have started you r career in a new path to set right path for your career.
No negativity: You may also tell positively about your past company like you have enjoyed your profile a lot and learned many new things at workplace and it was a great opportunity to explore your skills and apply them at job. Now it is the time to reinvent you and take challenging role like present applied job. You thought this applied position is an opportunity to go ahead.
Just for change: You have gained rich experience with right career path and you are planning to change your job to not to continue in same job and looking for a new job. It is an opportunity to move ahead in right time to prove again.

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