What makes recruiters dislike you?


A recruiter is a busiest person as he/she needs to deal with many tasks in their professional life like short listing resumes to final interviews. They will spend their whole day on screening resumes and short listing the suitable candidates for the job applications they have received. Sometimes they will get frustrated and irritated with their busy schedules. If you have applied a job in your job search and do follow-up continuously there will be dislike will grow on you. Below reasons may create the cause of dislike to recruiters:

If you have sent incomplete resume: Recruiters get many incomplete resumes as they will create bad impression on recruiters and it may be one of the reasons for not getting shortlisted. Some people send their resumes and cover letter without including contact details. So make sure that your resume is filled with required contact details.

Don’t take recruiters for take it granted: Don’t take recruiters for take it for granted and submit your resume in a specific format as mentioned by them. Make sure that you are following the rules mentioned by recruiters.

If you reapply when they rejected your application: Recruiters will really get frustrated when they have mentioned very clearly that your application was rejected when you apply first time. So be careful in this issue.

If you lie in your resume: If you lie on your resume, it is the great blunder you did in your job search. Never make this mistake, because recruiters will search many things and discover what you did in your last job.If you lie in your resume and they recognize that they will never hire you.

Speak what you can do: You should deliver what you speak in your resume. So be careful while speaking with recruiters.There is nothing worse than to back out after giving your word. Just make sure not to make fake promises if you aren’t sure about fulfilling them.

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