Job interview is most crucial thing in a job seeker’s career and don’t let your small mistakes spoil your career. Interviews portrait a person as to know the rules, prepare, reach on time, carry a copy of CV and the list goes on. Having a good resume not only works but also need the list of things which drive hiring managers crazy. Below things makes hiring managers crazy and need to be take care while going for an interview:

Don’t do more than required times: If you got to know that there are many opening positions in your dream company related to your skills and experience. If you are looking for same kind of job then search for the matching job with your skills and not with the positions the company have. Many jobseekers use to apply for all the existing jobs appearing on the sites irrespective of their skills and experience. It is a waste of time for candidates and hiring managers also. If an employer remembers your profile then they never take you seriously.

Listen carefully: When interviewer asks about yourself then tell about yourself but it is not well if you tell continuously and you should know when to stop talking. You have to understand that listening is as important as talking. Hiring managers are likely to get really irritated if you don’t listen to what they have to say. Many candidates will be disqualified for the same reason of over talking.

Dress sense: You should dress for the interview which you are going not with the dress you have. Dressing in a T-shirt or Baggie pant gives careless impression and you don’t show any impression to the position you are applying for. It is equally important to dress well even for a video interview.

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