What makes an employee to quit their job??

What makes an employee to quit their job

Organization is a place where many people work together and some people leave early and some people continue in long run. Employees come and go and each employee is replaceable with others. But it is waste of cost and time for an organization and it also takes time for further training and development of new employee. Organization may feel that they are offering the best to the organization and employees may leave the job in middle. The main question is that why do employers leave organization? The reasons may be different like career change, geographic location of the job, and return to education, retirement, better-paying job, spouse/family relocation, self-employment and commuting time among others. The mentioned reasons are accepted and the other reason may be that they are disappointed with employers. Below are the reasons for employees leaving organization:

No recognition: Each and every employee wanted to be appreciated for the works they do. When an employee don’t get recognized for their work and also expect positive feedback to increase positive culture among them.

No growth opportunities: When people feel that there are no growth opportunities in an organization and they are in same position for long time, then they search for new job opportunities which excel their creativity.

Lack of communication: If the managers and senior executives of the company exhibits less communication and if there is a communication gap between the team leads and members then it will be a cause to get resigned for job.

No training: Employees need to feel the sense of job satisfaction and it is possible through proper training. When the company doesn’t offer training to the employees to perform their job and training programs create space for future advancements.

Poor management: If the management of the organization is unprofessional and abusive and managers are not giving priority to the ideas of subordinates then it will make employees to go out of the company. If companies don’t follow employee retention policies then they are going to lose top performers.

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