What is group discussion: Tips for an effective Group Discussion

Group discussion is a group activity carried by 8 to 10 members group for 15-20 minutes. GD is designed to exchange the thoughts and ideas among the members of the group on a particular subject. It is the best tool to select the prospective candidates in a comparative perspective. It is a useful tool to screen the candidates’ potential as well as their skills.

A selected topic will be given the group members and 2-3 minutes time will be given for thinking. Group discussion takes 10-15 minutes time based on the given topic. GD evaluation is done by the subject experts based on the discussions. A report will be prepared on analyzing the facts at the end of the discussion.

The main areas tested in GD are:

Content: Content includes logical arguments on the subject. Collect the important points on the given topic and use them as a weapon for discussion. Be relevant to the topic and don’t discuss irrelevantly. It is advised to practice with a group of friends to perform exactly.
Communication skills: Communication is a dual process from both the perspectives of listeners and speakers. Listening is also important like speaking. Listen carefully while others speaking and make your points in a clear and concise way. Make a note of important points and build on other’s points and give a conclusion to the discussions made by the entire team.
Group dynamics: GD is designed to test your behavior and influence in your group. Formal English language and mutual respect are considered while speaking. Don’t give strong concluding statements at the beginning of the discussion. Learn to disagree politely if required without saying the words”I disagree”.
Leadership: Leadership means not controlling the group it is an activity to guide the group in terms of content. A good leader allows the group to express their views and conclude the given topic.

Important tips for an effective GD

A candidate should follow below tips to face a GD:

• Get prepared well before the GD on your subject related topics
• Prepare well on some related questionnaires
• Do research before the interview on your area of subject
• Express clearly and communicate well during the GD
• Don’t respond harshly to the interviewer and don’t argue with other participants
• Be polite and try to convince the team members
• Don’t interrupt others while they are speaking and listen carefully while others speaking


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