What does it take to become a good data scientist?

What does it take to become a good data scientist

Data scientist is the buzz word in today’s job market. They are the combination of modern day archeologists and oracles. E commerce companies are hiring data scientist that they, identify problems and discover mysteries that lies underneath heaps of all kinds of data, while also giving a trailer of what is possible. They also figure out the stories in the form of numbers. Data scientists are going to raise across sectors and sought-after tribe in India as new-age companies like HackerRank, InMobi, and Snapdeal pump resources to finding new ways of solving problems and doing business. According to data science website KDnuggets, a survey found that data science managers in the US and Canada earn average salary around $165,000 (Rs 1 crore) about 22% higher than data scientists ($135,000 or Rs 85 lakhs), who earn almost twice as much as data analysts.

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