What are the reasons for getting terminated from a job?

terminated from a job

At times employees get terminated from the company due to some or the other reason. There can be many reasons behind terminating an employee and sometimes there could be no reason for termination. Termination may be planned or unplanned. When employee gets a termination, he/she has to think about what might have gone wrong and what situations might have led to their termination. Here are some of the reasons for which an employee may be terminated:

  • Lying about the qualification and experience
    Almost all the employers do a strong background check to confirm whether the certificates submitted by a candidate are genuine are not. They enquire about employee’s qualification, work experience and also the references which employee gave at the time of joining. If any of the degrees or experience is found incorrect, then the employee will be fired for doing fraud. This is one of the major reasons for terminating the employees.
  • Not completing the assigned tasks
    When the employee doesn’t perform well or his/her performance is not up to the mark, employers will have all the rights to terminate those employees. Employers will also have a right to terminate employees who are slow performers, inefficient at work with full of errors.
  • Employee is dishonest and has misconduct
    When the employee is not honest, not behaving well with his/her colleagues, not obeying superiors and not following senior’s orders, then there is a chance for that employee to get termination. And also if the employee is doing most of the personal works during office hours without performing the assigned duties.
  • High absenteeism rate
    Taking long breaks and coming late to the office will leave an impression on the employer that that the employee is not serious about the job. One might work smart but he/she should not adopt these means as this will endanger their existence in the company. Taking leaves without authorization or taking long breaks without even intimation may lead to get termination letter.
  • Smoking or consuming alcohol or drugs
    Taking alcohol or drugs or smoking at the work place is a serious offence and the employer will not tolerate this at all. This may lead immediate termination of employment.
  • Employee is inconsistent and refusing to take directions
    It is compulsory that every employee has to follow the orders that are given by superiors. But some employees show attitude and do not obey their order. In case if the employee has a better idea then they can discuss it with their boss but they have to remember that the ultimate decision will be taken by the boss. Employees who were not following the orders of their superiors may also have a chance of getting termination.

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