What are the main things that employers look for in a resume?


Resume plays a key role in the job hunt and an effective resume brings you closer to the job you desire. Resume also acts like a passport to the desirable job and all your skills, credentials and abilities should be highlighted to attract the potential employer. Employers keep few points in mind and they look for only those points when they receive resumes. Remember that employers look for that special person who is a “little different, little creative.” So, exhibit your difference and individuality. Therefore it is important to keep employers mind in view and prepare your letter for job application according to the employer point of view. Articulate your strengths effectively and also it very important to know what to say and how to say in your resume. Here are some important points you should never miss in your resume format:

  • Cover letter: Attaching a cover letter along with resume is very important because employers reject candidates who don’t provide cover letter. Cover letter is an opportunity to describe your experience and expertise for a job you are applying.
    Contact information: Providing contact information is very important as employers use this to communicate with you. Provide your email address and phone number in the header of the page also in all the pages of your resume.
  • Objective: Resume objective is the opening statement which describes what you are and what you are looking for. Therefore your objective should be keen and cut to the point as a well written and dynamic objective holds the employer attention.
    Skill sets: Skill sets are the main area where employers look for as this decides your area of expertise. Based on the skill sets you provide, employers will decide. Highlight your experience in the field you are targeting.
  • Brief summary: While applying for a job, tailor your resume relevant to the position you are applying for because employers lose interest while reading a detailed resume. Mention your latest skills and recent experiences.
  • Accuracy: Mention the points precisely and also accurately. Spell out abbreviations, names of schools, companies, organizations and titles. Giving complete information is professional as not all understand abbreviations or acronyms.
  • Personal information: They also look for personal information. Providing too much of personal information is also not good. Avoid mentioning your age, marital status and religion. Also there is no need to mention references unless and until you are asked to do so.
  • Order of relevance: Alignment and the order are also very important as these make the resume look good and attractive. Make your resume visually appealing. Arrange headings in a way that they are easy to read and also write the important points in bullets and bold points.
  • Proofread: Proof reading your resume is very important as single grammar or spelling mistake may ruin your entire efforts. Scrutinize it and delete all the unnecessary information. Ensure that your resume is free from grammatical and spelling errors.

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