What are the benefits of healthy competition between team members?

A healthy competition is always needed within the team to make the organization work effectively and efficiently. This greatly enhances the performance of a project team and also increases the productivity. A team can expect to make higher quality output because positive competition often results in increased motivation, innovation, and creativity necessary to improve processes and results. A healthy competition promotes a sense of respect, care and consideration among the team members. Therefore every team within the organization has to have healthy competition for following reasons:

Improves the performance: Work will be divided between the team members and also they will be given certain amount of time to finish their work. This is done to not leave any scope of droopiness. With this, team members will be self motivated in finishing their part of work on time and can push themselves to the next level of performance. Dedication to excel in their performance will also increase.

•Increases productivity: When a team works with dedication, this will automatically lead to increase in the productivity. When a team works collaboratively, the standard of work increases and it also improves the quality of work.

•Team becomes disciplined: Apart from improving the performance and increasing the productivity, healthy competition, lets the team to maintain discipline. A healthy competition always has defined timelines within which one has to finish work. Discipline becomes very important aspect in this situation. It guarantees adequate utilization of resources and time spent in the company.

•Career growth: Performance improvement automatically leads to career growth.

Ways to encourage healthy competition:
Each and every organization has to encourage healthy competition between the teams to run the organization successfully. Here are some suggestions to encourage healthy competition among the team:

By recognizing individual achievements and explaining them to the team members on how they can get benefitted by implementing same actions in achieving success. This will in turn lead to overall team success.

Implementing mentorship programs will enable the team members to learn from others in the team in a constructive and supportive manner.

Reward the team and also individuals of the team for team achievements. This will encourage them to perform better as a team.

Arrange competitions to encourage the individuals in competing with their own past results.


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