Weirdest Questions Asked in job interviews?

Weirdest Questions

Glassdoor collected some weirdest interview questions submitted by the people who interviewed in the last year. Here are some top interview questions along with the interviewed company names and job profiles.

Why is the earth round? Asked by Twitter for a software engineer position.
You’re wearing a nametag, tell me what you think about it-Asked by Yahoo for a associate product manager position
Choose a city and estimate how many piano tuners operate a business there.- Asked by Google for a project management position.
How many gas stations are in San Jose?- Asked by Adobe for a quality engineering management position
How much do you charge to wash every window in Seattle? Asked by Facebook for an online sales operations position
If you woke up and had 2,000 unread emails and could only answer 300 of them, how would you choose which ones to answer? Asked by Dropbox for a rotation program position
What would you do if you were the one survivor in a plane crash? Asked by Airbnb for a trust and safety investigator position
How many children are born every day? Asked by Apple for a global supply manager position
Design a spice rack for the blind.- Asked by Intel for a hardware engineer position
What kind of tree would you be? Asked by Cisco for a senior technical writer position.
If you had a choice between two superpowers (being invisible or flying) which would you choose? Asked by Microsoft for a high level product lead/evangelist position
What is your experience with working with millennials? Asked by LinkedIn for a contingent workforce specialist position
If you went door to door notifying everybody about the environment and somebody said that the government can take care of it, what would you tell them? Asked by Yelp for a field director position.

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