Want to know more about Wisdom jobs Resume services?

Wisdomjobs is a unique fourth generation job portal existing in the market with its unique services and products. Resume services offered by wisdomjobs has unique features mentioned as below:

1. Resume Forwarding

Resume forward services features you as a priority job seeker and increases your resume views by the employers.
Resume forward of WISDOMJOBS makes your job search proactive.
We share your resume with 3500 companies registered with us.
Once you pro actively share resume with more number of employers you will have a better chance of an interview call.
As a part of our resume promotion services, an email will be sent to you once in a week listing out the companies to which your resume has been forwarded.
Your resume is fast forwarded to all possible job avenues that perfectly match your skills.
Job openings are explored and renewed at regular intervals.

2. Resume Highlight

Resume highlight services highlight the summary of your resume to get higher visibility. It keeps your resume in the spotlight with an eye catching look.
Resume Highlight makes your resume stand out among other similar profiles.
Resume Highlight increases the visibility of your profile where more number of employers can view your resume.
Getting more exposure will help you to get immediate attention of the employers.
Your resume will be picked up by the concerned recruiters from the equally proficient applicants for the consideration of skill you are opting.

3. Resume Writing 

Your resume presents you without your presence. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced candidate looking for your next job, we connect you to the winning competitive edge with our focused resume writing services. Our extremely skill full resume writers documents your achievements and captures the recruiters attention to grab more interview opportunities. Avail Resume Writing services from wisdom jobs and stay tuned to attend the interview.

Entry level (0-1 years)

We highlight your academic qualifications, projects and activities for the right breakup.

Junior level (1-4 years )

We showcase your strengths, skills and abilities for successful career growth.

Mid-level (4-8 years)

We document your experiences, key skills, achievements and responsibilities for further promotion.

Senior level ( 8 years and above)

We create a senior level resume tailored to project your core competencies, skill sets, achievements and your area of expertise.

4. Cover Letter

Cover letter is a brief introduction to rest of your profile. It highlights your skills and targets them exactly to the specifications of the job which you are targeting. Cover letter is the first impression you will make and it also demonstrates your value to the employers.


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