Want to be part of the world’s most attractive employers?


Employer branding is the most important attribute which attracts candidates to choose work for. A survey has been conducted with the students of 200000 students from 12 countries across the globe to list out the world’s most attractive employers. Below are the secrets of the world’s most attractive employers.

Flexibility: Flexibility doesn’t mean that allowing employees to work from home. Companies focus more on the project completion rather than how many hours someone sits in a chair.

Understanding employees: The best companies understand an employee’s strengths and weaknesses and assigns suitable tasks to them. When employers know that what they need to do to be more attractive to the employees, they need to be authentic and transparent about it.

Friendly atmosphere: Companies which maintain friendly relationships with employees answer emails promptly and engage with people on social media. This kind of companies score more in ratings.

Employee development: Traning&development and education are considered as encouraging facts for new employees. Deloitte built a learning center named brick-and-mortar learning center in 2011 and added two more centers in 2013 to develop the future leaders with excellent technical and innovative skills. That is the reason it was ranked No.5 in the list.

Brand building: If your employee is your brand ambassador then your company value will grow easily in short period.

Invest in employees: Employees are the greatest strength of any organization. A company needs to invest in recruiting, on boarding, training, and development of their employees. An employer should not expect from day one to work employees without proper training.

Know about their employees: Employees of the company should know about the short term and long term goals of the company. Companies which offer rotations or opportunities to change their roles will attract better people and get refreshed when they come back to their original roles.

Idea generation: When employees are encouraged to explore their ideas, it helps them to grow and build a dynamic workforce.

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