UAE Salary Guide for 2015

UAE Salary Guide for 2015

We’ve compiled a UAE salary guide that will be useful for both job seekers and employers.


C-Suite/Principal Level: Dh51,000 – Dh130,000

Senior Estimating Manager: Dh55,000 – Dh65,000

Commercial Manager: Dh45,000 – Dh68,000

Senior Contracts Manager: Dh40,000 – Dh55,000

Senior Project Manager: Dh25,000 – Dh65,000

HSSE Manager: Dh35,000 – Dh80,000

Senior Cost Manager: Dh37,000 – Dh42,000

Senior Quantity Surveyor: Dh28,000 – Dh46,500

Project Manager: Dh20,000 – Dh46,000

Contracts Manager: Dh24,000 – Dh40,000

Construction Manager: Dh20,000 – Dh48,000

Cost Manager: Dh17,000 – Dh35,000

Quantity Surveyor: Dh15,000 – Dh35,000


MEP: Dh27,000 – Dh55,000

Senior Electrical Engineer: Dh32,000 – Dh40,000

Senior Civil Engineer: Dh20,000 – Dh50,000

Planning Engineer: Dh12,500 – Dh55,000

Resident Engineer: Dh20,000 – Dh55,000

Project Engineer: Dh15,000 – Dh25,000

Quality Assurance Engineer: Dh17,000 – Dh20,000

Electrical Engineer: Dh10,000 – Dh18,000


Senior Facilities Manager: Dh30,000 – Dh42,000

Facilities Manager: Dh15,000 – Dh28,000


Senior Development Manager: Dh50,000 – Dh65,000

Senior Commercial/Leasing Manager: Dh38,000 – Dh60,000

Commercial/Leasing Manager In-house: Dh24,000 – Dh30,000

MRICS Valuations Manager: Dh20,000 – Dh30,000

Property Manager: Dh15,000 – Dh40,000


HR Director (Group): Dh40,000 – Dh80,000

Senior HR Manager/Director: Dh35,000 – Dh49,000

C&B Manager: Dh22,000 – Dh37,000

Recruitment Manager: Dh21,000 – Dh50,000

HR Manager: Dh20,000 – Dh36,000

L&D Manager: Dh25,000 – Dh35,000

Talent Management: Dh25,000 – Dh40,000

HR Generalist: Dh15,000 – Dh20,000

Recruitment Specialist: Dh12,500 – Dh20,000

HR Advisor: Dh13,000 – Dh15,000

HR Officer/Assistant: Dh10,000 – Dh15,000

HR Admin Assistant: Dh10,000 – Dh15,000

Recruitment Assistant: Dh10,000 – Dh15,000


Head of IT/IT Director: Dh35,000 – Dh65,000

Information Security Manager: Dh25,000 – Dh45,000

Project Manager: Dh15,000 – Dh45,000

IT Manager: Dh15,000 – Dh45,000

Network Architect: Dh15,000 – Dh50,000

Technical Team Leader: Dh12,000 – Dh25,500

Business Analyst: Dh12,000 – Dh37,500

Systems Analyst: Dh12,500 – Dh22,000

System Administrator: Dh10,000 – Dh22,000

Software Engineer: Dh10,000 – Dh20,000

Network Administrator: Dh10,000 – Dh19,000

Network Engineer: Dh10,000 – Dh18,000

IT Engineer: Dh10,000 – Dh18,000


CMO: Dh52,000 – Dh100,000

Marketing Director: Dh30,000 – Dh59,000

Marketing Manager: Dh21,000 – Dh38,000

Senior Account Manager: Dh22,000 – Dh27,000

Digital Marketing Manager: Dh20,000 – Dh30,000

Marketing Executive: Dh15,000 – Dh23,000

Social Media Manager: Dh15,000 – Dh20,000

Public Relations Executive: Dh13,000 – Dh20,000

Assistant Brand Manager: Dh12,000 – Dh15,500

Marketing Assistant: Dh10,000 – Dh14,000

Account Manager: Dh9,000 – Dh12,000


General/Operations Manager: Dh30,000 – Dh50,000

Legal Secretary: Dh11,000 – Dh23,000

Office Manager: Dh10,000 – Dh25,000

Executive Assistant: Dh12,000 – Dh25,000

Personal Assistant: Dh15,000 – Dh25,000

Executive Secretary: Dh13,000 – Dh22,000

Administrator: Dh10,000 – Dh18,000

Team Assistant: Dh9,000 – Dh18,000

Reception: Dh6,000 – Dh16,000

Administration Assistant: Dh4,000 – Dh12,000


COO: Dh70,000 – Dh100,000

General Manager 3PL: Dh35,000 – Dh60,000

Logistics Manager: Dh15,000 – Dh30,000

Planning Manager: Dh20,000 – Dh30,000

Logistics Specialist: Dh10,000 – Dh18,000

Logistics Coordinator: Dh10,000 – Dh17,000

Customer Service Executive: Dh7,000 – Dh15,000

Operations Manager: Dh20,000 – Dh35,000

Supply Chain Director: Dh50,000 – Dh75,000

Group Supply Chain Manager: Dh40,000 – Dh50,000

Supply Chain Manager: Dh25,000 – Dh35,000

Supply Chain Coordinator: Dh10,000 – Dh22,000

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