Top work place trends for 2015

Top work place trends for 2015

Work place trends have been changing from year to year and there were many changes taken place if we compare with previous year. The idea and meaning of WORK has been changing as many people opt for work from home or looking for flexible work schedules. Even the hiring processes also changing and social media occupied great place in recruitment market. Online hiring is a competitive way as the most recruiters are relying on internet and other online tools. Branding has been occupied great place in business world. Below are the latest trends observed in recruitment world.

Freelancing is the next big leap: A recent survey revealed that one third of American employees are working as freelancers, contractors and consultants. The man objective hiring freelancing employees is that they don’t need to pay employee benefits and employers are also allowed to recruit professionals from specialized areas. If more people work from home it will save the money of employers which needs for office setting.

Health impact at work place: Now, businesses are giving more priority to employee’s health as they are offering health insurance and other benefits to provide assistance to maintain the health of their employees and increase their productivity.

Gender pay gap: There is more interesting fact that many women employees are not happy as they are getting 24% less than males for the same job position. As the more women are educating this gap may decrease in future and they will also get equal pay.

New recruitment tools to filter job candidates: IT is a big challenge for recruiters to filter the talented professionals form the equally qualified job applicants. Companies are inventing new ways to filter the right profiles in less duration. The other way to scan the right fit is social media which is the hottest tool of recruitment sector.

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