Top strategies to retain top employees

Top strategies to retain top employees

Employee retention is the most important activity and plays key role in organization development. Retention of productive employees will provide benefits like sales, customer satisfaction and enhanced productivity as compare to new employees. This is most important practice of the organization and crucial for organization success. Sometimes lack of communication also plays role in losing the productive employee. Hiring the new candidate and offering training to them is bit costlier and time waste process. Below tips play key role in retaining the employees. Below tips may helpful for employers to retain employees:

Communication: Communication doesn’t mean that only verbal communication but non verbal communication like eye contact, hand gestures and body language plays key role in developing the employee relationships and retention. Opening up with employees will make them cheerful and comfortable at workplace. Discuss with them that if they are facing any challenges and if they need any help. If you have a large members of team then communicate with them regularly and see them every once in a while.

Good salary benefits: Learn to keep your employees happily and it is a way of making employees happy that offering rich incentives and benefits to your employees. There will not be much possibility to spend that much money on employees but you can appreciate them for good work and you can offer small gifts. Get notice them in front of others and let them know that hard work is noticed.

Career growth opportunities: When an employee knows that they have chances to grow professionally there will be more chances to be loyal to the organization. Change is common but when an employee thought there will be an opportunity for change within the company they will never change.

Training programs: Conduct training programs to develop the skills and knowledge of an employee. Mentoring programs with a leader and one to one mentoring programs will definitely add value to the retention process.

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