Here are top Online Coding Courses for 2017

Learning has been made easy with online courses. Online learning courses are available to upgrade your skills to be fit for the jobs available in the market. Here’s top online courses that covers everything from lessons, case-studies, chapter tests, transcripts to videos. Learn these online coding courses to boost your programming skills and career. Wisdom Jobs online learning platform EUniversity offers free study materials on various trending IT courses of the current market.

Online Coding Courses

  • SaltStack certified engineer

This is one of the top five certifications for 2017. This course would enhance an aspirant’s expertise and real world experience implementing salt solutions. This online course covers different topics like cloud integrations, alternative topologies, security and templates, troubleshooting, execution paths and best practices.

  • Microsoft certified solutions developer (MCSD)
    This is the globally recognized certification program to validate a candidate’s technical skills required to build mobile apps, web services and web applications. Here are some benefits:
    • Better pay and promotions
    • Get more visibility and attention in the workplace
    • Great success rate in project bidding
  • Object oriented programming certificate
    Students can learn about the advanced topics object oriented design and programming. This course teaches about the programming environment and levels of object oriented functionality and more programming techniques, object oriented programming certificate.
  • CompTIA Security+
    CompTIA Security+ is an intelligent learning tool best suited for the professionals of a security consultant, IA technician and security engineer. Most in demand course across the globe and many companies are looking for certified CompTIA certified candidates.
  • Certified secure software lifecycle professional (CSSLP)
    This certification enhances the CSSLP is designed for IT analysts, engineers and programmers. These courses help you deal with risk and compliance issues that occur during the application development lifecycle.

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