Top Cities in US where People Work Longest Hours

Top Cities in US where People Work Longest Hours

According the latest survey by the New York City Comptroller, an average Americans works nearly 47hours per week. These working hours include travelling time which in some other cities can add more hours per week. It will be different to other cities depends on the distance and transportation facilities. In which cities do employees work the longest hours?

The survey reported that the New York City tops that list, with an average workweek of 49.08 hours. These working hours include 42.50 hours actually spent on the job, with another 6.18 hours per week spent on travelling.

The study found that employees from the cities like San Francisco and Houston spent more hours than the cities like Detroit and Phoenix. An average a full time worker works for 4 hours, 11 minutes a week, 30 minutes longer as compared to the year 1990. Below are the cities which people spend more on working and commuting.

If noted cities which works more hours are San Francisco, Calif., came in second, with 48.58 hours (44.01 hours on the job, 4.57 hours travelling), followed by Washington, D.C., with 48.39 hours (43.50 hours on the job, 4.49 hours travelling), Houston, Texas, with 48.18 hours (43.44 hours on the job, 4.33 hours travelling), and Fort Worth, Texas, with 48.01 hours (43.43 hours on the job, 4.18 hours travelling).The survey results included total 30 US cities and the last city in the list is Milwaukee, Wis., where people work an average of 44.53 hours (41.14 hours on the job, 3.40 travelling).

In San Francisco and New York City, is the home to much technology firms and as well as many developers and other tech pros often works more longer hours to complete the tasks. Whatever you do for a living, though, one thing is clear: In many U.S. cities, the idea of a 40-hour workweek is positively antiquated.

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