Top 8 ways to prepare yourself for Ramadan

Ramadan is the ninth month of Muslim calender as it is a time spiritual reflection and worship. Long hours of fasting along with disrupted sleep cycles could end up taking a heavy toll on your mental and physical health, thereby leading to symptoms like exhaustion, fatigue, dehydration, aches and pains, anxiety and so on. So there’s a need of preparation ahead of Ramadan that could help you better adjustment to the rigours and restrictions of the holy month. Following tips may helpful to prepare yourself mentally and physically for Ramadan to facilitate your transition to the new routine.

prepare yourself for Ramadan

1. Create a countdown calendar: A count down to the big day will prepare you mentally for the event and generate excitement.

2. Regulate diet: Try a few days of voluntary fasting. Regulate your intake of water and beverages.

3. Visit the doctor: If you are suffering from illness then visit the doctor if it’s okay to fast.

4. Plan your life: check whether you have any work or family commitments falling during Ramadan Plan for them in advance.

5. Early to rise: Regulate sleep timings. Try and inculcate the hobby of waking up early for suhoor.

6. Prepare yourself spiritually: Start reading Quran, doing extra payers, stepping up charitable activities.

7. Say Goodbye to bad habits: Want to get rid of bad habits and addictions? Then Ramadan is the better time to say good bye to all of them.

8. Make a diet plan: Stock up on food suppliers for the first week of Ramadan and plan a balanced diet.

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