Top 5 hottest hr trends in 2018

Following are the top of the hottest HR trends going in 2018.

hr trends in 2018

●  Applicant assessment
Applicant assessment tests are used to hire a potential candidate before hiring. The assessment tests may include skill tests for technical jobs and personality test to know the company culture fit. These assessments are gaining popularity over past two years. Recent surveys mentioned that applicants hate long, rambling and transparent assessments with good applicant experience. To get the fruitful results of an applicant assessment you need focus on efficacy rather than focusing on end results.

●  Wellness
Wellness of an employee promotes mental and physical health. It may include various benefits that have been offered to an employee like healthcare packages—or activities in the office as part of a company culture promoting a healthy lifestyle. Wellness in the workplace may include healthy ways that encourage them to promote company culture and healthy life style. A healthy life style ways may include games and sports fun activities for employees, nutritional health campaign and local run etc.

●  Out of office employees
With the growing technology many companies are offering flexible and work from home policies. If you already have a work from home policy, then look for the ways to make it easier to your employees. Consider software tools to connect over long distances in an easy way. If you are looking to start work from home policy then develop a solid plan to implement it.

●  Diversifying perks
When you are looking to update your benefit plans then ask your employees what they really want and what aren’t. Most of the employees don’t need long lunch hours but they expect healthy work life balance.

●   Internet of things comes to the office
Internet of things (IoT) has made many tasks smart in office with an internet connection. These tasks may include giving you an alert or handling small tasks. However IOT integration is very low in many offices. But you can connect and expect to see many wonders in the future.

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