Top 10 mobile companies in world


2013 year is called as the year of smart phones with new innovations and latest arrivals in smart phones. This year has seen the growth of smart phones sales with 53.6% as per a study.

SAMSUNG: It has sold nearly 444 million mobile phones by occupying the market share of 24.6%.

NOKIA: Finnish mobile provider has sold 250.79 mobiles and occupied second place with market share of 13.9%.

Apple: Last year apple has sold 150.78 mobiles and occupied third place with 8.3%.

LG: This South Korean Smartphone provider has sold 69.02 million and occupied fourth place with 3.8%.

ZTE: This Chinese Smartphone provider has sold 59.89 million and occupied fifth place with 3.3%.

HUAWEI: This Chinese Smartphone provider has sold 53.29 million and occupied sixth place with 2.9%.

TCL: This Chinese Smartphone provider has sold 49.53 million and occupied seventh place with 2.7%.

LENOVO: It has acquired Motorola from Google and sold 45.28 million mobile units and occupied eighth place with 2.5%.

SONY: It has sold nearly 37.59 million mobiles and occupied ninth place with 2.1%.

YULONG: This Chinese Smartphone provider has sold 32.60 million mobiles and occupied tenth place with 1.8%.

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