Top 10 careers of 2014 in IT field

Top 10 careers of 2014 in IT field

Career in IT is the dream of many people and also many of them want to get top jobs in IT because they are paid more. IT is amongst the highest paying fields because they choose only professional who have up to date information of latest technologies. But the salary will depend on the area in which they work. IT is also one of the fastest growing sectors and has lot of demand in the coming decades. This is the reason for which most of them want to set up their career in the field of IT. Many of them do not know which are the most demanding jobs in IT and they also get confused of which filed to choose in IT. Here is the description of top 5 IT jobs in IT:

Software architects: Software architect is one of the most demanded jobs with 34% growth and pay is also high for this software architects. A software architect is responsible for software design choices to software developers, including coding and technical levels. The job requires understanding of his clients’ needs and communicates them to the software design team.

Project managers: Project managers are in high demand because they will take care of an entire project. They will have high salaries and will have many benefits. There is lot of scope for these project managers in this fast growing IT industry. They work out on the cost benefits of each project and prepare the budgets for each project by analyzing the risks involved in that.

Software engineers and developers: Software engineers are one of the demanding professionals in the field of IT. They carryout out product development activity in architecting, designing and developing the software products

IT analysts: IT analyst defines, develops, configures and supports all computer applications and also develops and prepares computer solutions. They work closely with management to prioritize business goals and information needs.

Testing engineers: These testing engineers are highly needed and there is a growing demand for testing engineers. They Work with development team to identify and capture test cases, ensure version management. They also develop test cases/scenarios/usage cases, and executing these cases. Entry level salaries for these test engineers will be less but if once they gain genuine experience, they can earn pretty good salaries.

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