Tips to win in campus placement interviews

campus placement interviewsWhen you finish your MBA degree and watching for companies to get selected for the campus placements. As dream companies visit your campus, your friends become your competitors, and you would wonder as to how to get that ‘break’ before others do. This is the right to explore your skills and present them to the prospect employer. The subject skills you have and the ranks you acquired at the time of academic not only helps but here you need some additional skills like communication skills and able to face the written and oral interview tests within the time given by the interviewers. Below tips may helpful to win in job placements:

Research: Do research about the companies which were visiting your institute. No more details and be ready to answer all the questions related to the organizations interviewing. Being known about all these details may helpful to create positive impression about the company.

● Practice more: Attend mock interviews or conduct interviews among your friends and others to answer well in interviews. Work on the areas for improvement and go through the practice feedback loop again to firm up your learning’s. List out the frequently asked interview questions and answers to prepare well for the questions. Stand in front of a mirror and rehearse much time until you feel yourself confident. Observe your body language and other things while rehearsal time.

● Punctuality: be punctual at the time campus placements. Be on time or 5 min early to the venue. The impression of punctuality creates good impression than coming late and giving explanations for the late.

● Dress properly: Wearing formal dress will boost up your confidence and creates positive impression on recruiters.

● Explain well about your project: Prepare well on your project you have undertaken at the time of your MBA by preparing some important points about the project.

● Be confident and active: Your body language is an important aspect in any interview. Walk straightly gives firm shakehand, keep good eye contact and show positiveness and confidence throughout the interview.

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