Tips to speak confidently before the public

Many of them are scared to speak before the audience and they are left tongue tied before speaking. This is one of the most common things that many of them are scared of. Giving presentations in front of the group is routine for college students or for employees and it cannot be avoided. Facing the situation and speaking confidently before the public reflects your confidence and helps you in your career growth. Here are some techniques that will help you to overcome fear:

• Prepare well: Once you have decided to speak before the public, prepare a speech or handy presentation that covers all the aspects of what you want to speak. Write each and every line you want to speak and see that you have not missed out any point. Remember that your purpose of giving presentation or speech is not to get approval from the audience but to give something of value to the audience.

• Practice well: Once you have prepared your speech or presentation, it’s time to practice. Remember that without practice you cannot perform well. Practice the speech before a mirror thinking that you are standing before the audience, so that you can see how you are performing. Take this presentation or speech as a scope for self improvement. Nobody is perfect, so don’t think that you are less capable than others. If you are nervous, listen or watch some inspirational speeches given by great people. This will increase your confidence and inspiration to speak confidently.

• Present it well: Prepare a good plan for speech and see that your plan has an opening, 3 good middle points and a conclusion. While you are ready to give the speech, take a deep breath and tell yourself that you will perform well. Maintain a smile on your face and do not directly look in to people’s eyes. Doing this, you may feel nervous and you may not be able to deliver exactly what you want to, so instead of looking in to their eyes, focus on their foreheads. Try to connect with audience and use some feelings and gestures to intensify a point. Try to speak fluently, this you will get through practice and maintain a positive tone while speaking.


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