Tips to send your resume to prospective employers


You have a good resume with all details but it is not important to get response in this competitive world. Your resume should reach the targeted people across various employers to reach in today’s competitive job market. Having good resume and sending it to the prospective employers through the right medium is important to reach the targeted recruiters to make a big difference. Below tips may helpful in reaching your resume to the targeted employers:
Be organized and focused: When you are applying for a job make a list of employers and name of the position you have advertised and applied. Ensure yourself that you are aware of the company from which you have got the call and collect the more details about the company.
Post your profile on multiple job portals: Job portals are meant for searching jobs and applying jobs. Make an e resume and keep it ready to post in any job portal. Open your resume in MS word and select the text in .text version and close the file and edit it and paste the content in job portal websites for formatting automatically.
Job postings through ads: When you see a job vacancy from an advertisement browse job portals to cross check about the jobs posted in websites. Know the details of hiring manager and send a letter to him/her as per the job profile of the advertisement. Update your cover letter and revise it with latest information. Make it crisper and remember that your cover letter will read for 3-7 seconds only. So let it be more brief and easy to read. Read the ad carefully and submit resume for each ad separately.
Print copies of resume and cover letter:Print your resume and cover letter on neatly printed stationery without fancy colors. Fold it in a proper way and keep it in a suitable envelope. Mark it in your list as the date of application for job.
Follow up with employer: Once you apply for a job then do follow up for the job you applied. Show your enthusiasm towards your job and be professional while talking. You may ask them to know when you can call them again.
Resume submission through email: Some emails with attachments may consider as spam and if you attach your resume then it may consider as a spam. The better advice is that send your resume by copypasting in email. Paste your resume on notepad and select the text and paste it on your email.

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