Tips to perform safe online job search

Tips to perform safe online job search

Are you thinking that you are searching jobs safely? Internet is a platform to identify and continue to grow each and every year. Job search though internet has been transformed the way of job search and hiring performed by companies. There is an availability of copy and pasting the resume in the format of company website or you can upload the file will be the basic point for a comfortable job search process. Any job seeker will spend more hours on printing and mailing resume which is continuing since many days.

Be careful about the submission requests: There are many spammer swill send the mass/bulk emails to the recipients mail list. Not everyone on the hit list is searching for a new job; however, only a small number of people need to be convinced or tricked into believing the email is authentic in order for the scam to be deemed successful. When you receive this kind of emails just think in a way that any time you submitted for the said job application. You can visit the company website and confirm the job prospects. Even though you can contact the company people and confirm the same.

Don’t respond to the mails asking personal details: If you receive an email which asks about the details of your credit card, bank details and contact and payment information. If you click on the link submitted by they then you taken to a site designed to defraud you.

Ensure the detailed submitted in your resume: When you opt for paid resume services then make ensure that the information submitted by you is in safe zone only. You can recognize it easily by an encrypted form when the root URL starts with https: instead of http: Purchasing from companies having added security measures in place can ensure your private information avoids the hands of ill-willed people.

Read and understand the privacy document: privacy statement denotes that information that what kind of personal information a site collects and where it spreads online such as your name ,contact details and email ID.

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