Tips to negotiate beyond your salary

Tips to negotiate beyond your salary

You have managed your interview for the dream job well and clear the interview round of the company. But you feel that you are not getting right salary for the job which you have selected. Clearing the interview round is easy and it is most important to negotiate salary and other related things related to pay benefits. Most of the companies will follow strict policy to negotiate salary and they are not interested to discuss with all aspects. In such kind of situations you need to manage both the thinks like you need a dream job in your dream company or you need fat pay cheque. Negotiate other benefits than salary to wind up at end. Below things are most suggested things to negotiate other than salary:

Flexible timings: Flexible timings are the best non salary perks offered by companies. You can ask for work from home option once or twice in a week to save you time and travel cost. You will be having relaxed work schedule and comfort zone at work to deliver your work.

Transportation reimbursement: How do you come to your office? Through public transportation or private transportation like bus or other vehicles. Any kind of transportation cost adds value to your cost and anything is not available in less cost. You can negotiate the company to reimburse the amount your spend on travelling.

Education reimbursement costs: Updating your skills and upgrading your degrees will always help you to gain better skills and more recognition at work. One of the great ways of doing this is by continuing your education and making your company pay for it. You can ask the company to pay for conferences, seminars, training sessions, master’s degree and it is a great investment to make you more skillful.

Better profile title: It is most important to have a strong profile title to indicate your designation. You can negotiate for a fancy title and also consider the work load about the specific title you have mentioned.

Leaves and allowances: Generally a company offers maximum 10 days leaves a year and find out what their policy is and try your hand at asking if they could increase it or best double it.

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