Tips to make your video conference interview effective and successful

video conference interview

Video conference interview is same as face to face interview where the interviewer(s) will interview a candidate through video. This is done to minimize the cost of interviewing an out of town candidate. Interviewing through video conference is mostly done to experience candidates to evaluate their skills and abilities. Most of them might be aware of telephonic interview but they may not be aware of this video conference interview. And many of them make mistakes while attending a video conference interview and lose a job opportunity. Here are some interview tips to make your video conference interview successful:

  • Video conference is done by giving a prior intimation, so you will have time to prepare
  • Treat this video conference like a personal interview and prepare well. Prepare subject thoroughly and also be prepared for some typical questions that may not be related to subject.
  • See that all your network connections are proper and check it twice before the interview starts.
  • Ask your friend or someone else to do a video conference with you, this will help you to know the flaws in you and then you can make necessary corrections
  • Set all necessary connections like video, volume, screen etc. turn on your video before 15 minutes and wait for the call.
  • See that there is no disturbance in the surroundings and turn of all other instruments which you think may be distracting. See that there is nobody else in the room except you because this may cause disturbance
  • Dress up in formals as it will give you a professional look. Always have a pen and paper in hand for note making
  • Maintain exact distance while sitting before the monitor as sitting too far or too close may cause disturbance
  • Wish them before starting any kind of conversation
  • While you are speaking to the interviewer, try to look at the camera instead of looking at the monitor. This will give a better appearance of eye contact
  • See that you don’t have any kind of study material or stuff beside you and don’t refer to any kind of study material while answering the questions
  • Sometimes there may be time delay, so be patient and wait until the interviewer finishes speaking, take a moment, think and then answer the question
  • Maintain a normal pitch of voice and have a smile on your face while speaking, because this shows that you are confident enough
  • As this is a video conference interview, it may take a bit long. So, be patient and answer
  • At last after finishing the interview don’t forget to thank the interviewer.


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