Tips to get through the social recruitment test

Social recruiting is the fastest growing and upcoming trend of the job market. So, it is important to portray your online presence. Social networking sites and personal blogs present your profile in a great way. This is a good platform to search about the prospective candidate and to know more details about the applied candidates. It is important to adopt some job search etiquette and pass the social recruitment test for a successful job hunt. Below tips may help you to enhance your chances:

Tagging and photo albums: Use sophisticated privacy settings to set people who can view your photographs. Social network sites may spread your photographs among your community and if your interviewer found it may not create good impression. So be selective while uploading photographs and tagging photographs of your friends.

Status updates: It is very fun to share funny status updates and postings on social networking sites. Sometimes it may make you to lose the chances of getting job. Once you joined in the organisation, they will get to know about you and theyll take it in a right spirit.

Blogs: Your personal blog is reflection of your thoughts and be careful while posting any controversial postings which may damage your image.

Tweets: Your tweets may not suppose to view for private people, then tweet carefully which may view by all the people.

Website branding: Build your professional image through the personal web site designed for you. It will increase your online presence and promote your brand image to the world.

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