Tips to Get Perfect Resume for a Perfect Career


Get Perfect Resume

Here are the tips to craft perfect resume for a perfect career :-

► Get your best qualities and skills highlighted on your resume.

► Your resume should draw attention to those aspects so that hiring managers don’t have to guess whether you’re perfect for the job.

► Put a strong Job Title/Resume Summary statement.

► Showcase ‘Initiatives’ instead of listing out ‘Duties’.

► Add testimonials to back up your professional accomplishments.

► Include links to your professional profiles.

► Show numbers to back up your accomplishments.

► Build the inverted pyramid to prioritize the information. Put the most important information at the beginning of the story and work your way down.

► Know the purpose of the header on your resume. This enables the recruiters to know your basic contact details and where you are at present.

► Make sure you give your contact particulars which should include your e-mail id, phone number and address. Create a formal mail id.

► Your objective should be customized for each role you apply to. Just keep in mind the employer’s requirement.

► The work experience section must include the name of the company, designation and its time frame.

► Educational details with the year of completion must be mentioned accurately.

► Honors and Awards section includes relevant academic recognition, to add extra value to the CV.

► Create a dynamic portfolio on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to tap the recruiters.

► Use fonts like Tahoma, Helvetica, Times New Roman or Courier for an online portfolio.

► Organize all information under the regular headings as ‘Synopsis/Profile’, ‘Work Experience’, ‘Skills’, ‘Achievements’, ‘Awards’, ‘Extra-curricular’ and ‘Personal Details’.

► Add related keywords to get visible in recruiters scan.

► Add some power words such as experience, management, project, development, business, skill, professional, knowledge, team, and leadership to your resume.

► Avoid some junk words like me, myself, need, chance, develop, hard, first, learning, etc.

► Add a good summary statement to you resume. An objective that tells an employer what you hope to gain from the opportunity, a resume summary statement calls attention to what you can offer a company.

► Different resume formats will be available for different domains like Finance, IT, Marketing and others.

► Customize your resume for each job description. Study the Job Description and pull out certain keywords and phrases and use them in your resume.

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