Tips to change your career from sales to marketing

Tips to change your career from sales to marketing

If you are a sales professionals and looking to change for marketing then it will be quite complex to change after 8 to 10 years of career. It is quite easy to change when you have 2 to 3 years experience with an MBA degree in initial days. It is most important thing to love your sales job and it is also an important to get pitch on sales job and without sales there would be no marketing job. All kind of marketing functions will have connectivity with sales job. If you do well in sales and there would be chances to perform well in marketing also. Chances are there that you will make a good marketing professional and will have a slight edge over others who have directly joined the marketing function. Below things may take lot of hard work and dedication to shift from sales to marketing job.

Get knowledge: Get understand well about the concepts of marketing. Track of customer feedback in terms of product, pricing, pricing, distribution and offer feedback and suggestions to the marketing team.

Academic qualification: It is important to have a post graduate degree in marketing from a recognized institute.

Share market feedback: Spend time to get understand the marketing concepts, studying case studies, applying your learning in the sales function to provide valuable suggestions to your organization. Share the feedback with your marketing team and read the customer’s mind.

Roles in marketing: Activation, Business Development, Strategic Account Planning and Brand Solutions are the different roles which you should consider while shift from sales to marketing. These roles offer you a canvass to apply marketing principles and would get you closer to the marketing function. Once you spend 2 to 3 years in same roles then you would be proficient in regular sales job.

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