Tips to be happy and healthy at work place

Employees spend most of their time at work place. This may creates side effects due to their irregular food habits and activities at work place. Below tips may helpful for good health, stress management at work place.

Healthy food habits

Have nutritious lunch with high calories and low fat with high sodium containers. Have healthy snacks to get out from the unhealthy food carvings. Take plenty of water as it is good for health. Limit coffee and tea habits in a day.

Activity at work place

Prefer walking or stairs than lift.
Come out from the office during lunch break take a small break to get relax and recharge for next working hours.
Communicate personally instead of online chatting ,phone or email

Ergonomics at work

Ergonomics is to develop a comfortable and safe work system
Make ensure that your sitting posture in front of computers may creates strain injuries
Your monitor should be in front of you to avoid excessive twisting of the neck
Make available of keyboard, mouse and phone to avoid unnecessary extended reaching from your seat
Sit properly in chair to avoid low back problems

Stress management tips

Analyze the facts for which you are feeling more stress
Start bit early to reach the office it may be the first reasons for the stress in the morning
Say No to the tasks which were not related to you, it may reduce additional fatigue
Balance your work and life for healthy life style
Habituate to leave work at office and make time for family and friends

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