Tips to avoid networking mistakes

Tips to avoid networking mistakes

The face of recruitment is changing day by day and new trends have been coming to the scene. Referrals and networking are playing key role in hiring activities. Hiring managers are relying more on existing employees to hire new ones. Avoiding some networking mistakes will help you to get hired easily. When you are applying for a job position then you will expect similar equaling job candidates will apply for the same positions. Here you need to avoid below mistakes in networking:

Avoiding face to face contacts: When a job seeker doing all online activities like networking and applying jobs without meeting the person and face to face contacts then it will be a great mistake done by them. When you are meeting the people and introducing yourself to them will add value to your profile when you are attending a job interview. There will be fewer opportunities for rejecting when you are meeting the persons.

Expecting results too quickly: When you are approaching a networking contact doesn’t expect reply right now. Take some time and analyze the profile to see what skills and services you can offer to that requirement. The main objective is increase your networking and take help later when you needed at certain point of time.

Less importance to personal branding: Understanding your abilities well and make a great impact with right skills and right resume. You must have a clear idea of what skills you have, what environments are best fit to work and what drives you to work more.

No professionalism: Social networking sites like facebook, twitter, linkedIn have made the social networking more easy and to get professional brand image outside. Take extra time to craft your LinkedIn profile and remove unprofessional images from your facebook to be a professional job candidate. Nowadays recruiters are visiting social media pages of the applied job candidate to assess their social networking skills online and offline.

Do follow-up: Do follow-up with the networking groups to build a strong network and good relationships through social networking. Annoy your networking contacts with proper follow-up.

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