Tips for managing Social Networking while Job Search

Tips for managing Social Networking while Job Search?

Your social networking profile is an important tool for getting visible and to make ensure that your social profile has created an ever lasting impression or not. Recruiters short list candidates through social media profile are a new generation trend in present hiring process. Recruiters will do real time analysis about the facts and figures mentioned in your resume. Social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Orkut are the primary sources for collection information about the job seekers. Social profile also decides that a candidate is fit for the organization culture or not? Below tips may useful for better use of social networking sites during job search.

ÔÇó Never post bad about current or previous employer: Badmouth about present or previous employer may spoils your job winning chances. This is advisable at interviews and social media platforms also. It does not create a good impression and it also creates an impression that you would do the same for the present organization.

ÔÇó Get your profile updated: If you are not looking of job or not but keep your social profile updated and ready for the job search. Recruiters will hunt for the professionals who are passive on job search scenario. Your social profile may help you in getting a job offer.

ÔÇó Join in relevant social media groups: As you know that social networking sites allow you to connect with the similar kind of interest people. Some companies also whether past and present employees to share their views and experiences about the company. It is great platform knowing job vacancies, interview schedules, and references, informative and fun oriented activities.

ÔÇó Be careful about the content posted social media sites: If you are doing job search, be careful and not required to post the same in social media sites. Go as per present company internet policies and dont abide the agreements given by you at the time of joining. A recruiter not only looks for a skillful person but also look for a matured person who will fulfill their requirements.


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