Tips for effective delegation

effective delegation

Delegation is an important management skill and it is an important factor for getting the right outcome. Right delegation will save the time of a team and motivates successors. These delegation tips will help to assign the new responsibility or tasks.
Smarter delegation: Below factors are required for an effective delegation:

  1. Be specific
  2. Be measurable
  3. Be agreed
  4. Be realistic
  5. Be in time bound
  6. Be ethical
  7. Be recorded

Be clear about the tasks assigned: Check before delegating a task that it meets the criteria or it will get the proper results.
Chose the right person or right team: Think about the reasons for assigning to the particular person or team and output from the assigned task.
Be ready to explain if needed: Be in a position to explain the reasons for assigning the responsibilities to that particular person or team.
Estimate the results: Expect the results from the assigned tasks from a particular person and measure the tasks assigned.
Know the required resources: Just think about the resources to get done the assigned task like people, location, premises, equipment, money, materials and other related to go ahead.
Give deadlines: It is important to assign the deadline when you assign the task as per the priority of the task.
Provide support if need: Provide your support if needs.
Feedback: Take regular feedback to achieve the goals and do reviews regularly and absorb the consequences of failure and pass on the credit for success.

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