Tips for developing communication etiquettes for job search

Communication etiquette’s help you in reaching the desired career goal. All of us may aware of the general guidelines should be followed during an interview. A candidates candidature will be determined on the basis of many parameters and not only on skills and academic track they have. Below tips may helpful to win interview and for developing an effective communication etiquette’s.

Telephone interview etiquette

Prepare for the telephone interview, by keeping all the call information in front of you and recall the job profiles for the same which you have applied.
Each and every interview call starts with the question like ÔÇ£Is it good time to talk to you? If you are comfortable to talk at that time, talk to them. Otherwise tell them that you will call back. But, dont forget to call them.
Try to keep your voice message and caller tune professional and avoid the messages which contains more personal feel.
Be noted that, you are in an interview, whether it is telephonic or face to face interview.

Email etiquette’s

Never use a mail id which is not professional for applying jobs. Use an impersonal and discreet personal mail id for applying jobs.
Include a brief cover letter along with the resume to provide information about your resume insights. Recruiters will get number of applications for the same requirements. Here your cover letter will help you in getting shortlisted.
Make ensure that the email which you sent was virus free.
It is a general rule that an email should be replied within 24 hours.
Always remember that all the emails you should send a reply to the previous mail, so that recruiter will link the communication along with the previous mails.

How to do follow-up?

Whenever you are doing a follow-up, send a thank you note after the interview and show your interest towards the job you applied.
If you want to go back from your interview at any time of the hiring process, just send a mail and tell them that you are interested to join with the organization for future openings.
Draw a line in doing follow up with recruiters. Doing follow-up more than the required times will spoil the chances.


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