This is how to boost your tech career with free online courses

This is how to boost your tech career with free online courses

Big Data

Big data is known as one of the top paying skills in the 2016. More knowledge you gain better chances you will get to good career opportunities. Here are some free online courses on Bgdata.

► Driving Business Results with Big Data (openSAP) to learn about Big data fundamentals.
► Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce (Udacity) to understand the concepts behind Hadoop and MapReduce; write MapReduce programs.
► Deploying a Hadoop Cluster (Udacity) to know how to tackle big data problems with Hadoop clusters.

Project Management

► Diploma in Modern Project Management Theory and Practice (ALISON) to know more about project management, or process of project management.
► Introduction to Project Management, The University of Adelaide (edX) to learn more about practical project management skills.

AI/Machine Learning

► Intro to Artificial Intelligence (Udacity) to learn about AI fundamentals.
► Artificial Intelligence for Robotics (Udacity) to know about the major systems of robotic cars.
► Autonomous Mobile Robots, ETH Zurich (edX) to learn about basic concepts and algorithms for locomotion, perception and intelligent navigation.
► Practical Machine Learning, Johns Hopkins University (Coursera) to learn how building prediction functions, including data collection, feature creation, algorithms and evaluation.

IT Management

► Diploma in Information Technology Management (ALISON) to get basic understanding of IT.


► Enabling Technologies for Data Science and Analytics: The Internet of Things, Columbia University (edX) to learn how to make sentiment analysis, facial recognition software and how data generated from devices.
► Create Your Own IoT Device, UC Irvine (Coursera) useful to Design, create, and deploy an IoT device using Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms.


Learn free online programming skills through below mentioned organizations.
► Linux Foundation
► MIT Open Courseware
► KHAN Academy

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